Our Favourite Books by Paulo Coelho You Must Read

Paulo Coelho Quotes. I have seen many storms in my life. Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act. Remember your dreams and fight for them. Be brave. In his twenties, Coelho dropped out of law school to travel around South America; he later became a journalist. After a life-changing pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a write. Here are our few favorites that you must read.

The Alchemist (1988)

the Alchemist is a psychological novel, or so it would like you to think. Paulo Coelho tells the story of a Spanish shepherd who creates his own personal legend through his Andalusian travels in Egypt. The story propounds the “philosophy” that people only discover themselves when they understand how to listen. But don’t listen to us, listen to the alchemist: “Alchemy is the projection in the material world of all spiritual concepts. Not only laboratory work but also that inner, personal chemistry, whose lab becomes our life itself. If we are faithful to what I call the ‘Personal Legend’, the whole world changes and the things we touch will also turn into the philosophical gold.”

Eleven Minutes (2003)

Maria is a young Brazilian who works as a sales clerk in a fabric store and gives herself a week’s holiday in Rio de Janeiro. On Copacabana beach, a Swiss man offers her a job as a cabaret dancer in Geneva. She sees this as the beginning of a fairy tale, but the reality is quite different. Maria falls into prostitution, although it is important to note that she does this without shame. For all her adventures, however, sex and love remain enigmas, until finally she meets a young painter who happens to be as lost as she is. To discover the sacredness of sexuality, Maria must first of all find a way to reconcile with herself.

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994)

Pilar and her companion first meet during childhood, but remain nothing more than acquaintances until they run into each other again 11 years later. She is a woman who has learned to be strong and not get overwhelmed by her feelings. He is a man who has the gift to heal others and seeks in religion a solution to his internal conflicts. Both are united by the desire to change and to pursue their dreams. To achieve this, they will have to overcome the usual obstacles faced by those who are lost: fear of failure, and prejudice. Pilar and her companion then decide to go to a small village in the Pyrenees to discover their own “personal truth”. Paulo Coelho tells this story with poetic and modern dialogue, but also plunges us into the mysteries of the divine. Because, as he says, “the spiritual experience is above all a practical experience of love.”


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    I really liked how you briefly described the books, it would be great to know about more such authors and trending books. Great job 🙂

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