Paladine (Paladine Political Thriller Series) (Volume 1)


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Meet terrorism’s worst enemy in Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Award’s 2016 Quarter Finalist and 2017 RONE Award Winner
From the best-selling & award winning author critics hail as “one of the strongest thriller writers on our scene” comes the unforgettable story of an unlikely “anti-hero” in Book 1 of the five-book Paladine Series. Robert Garcia was an unremarkable man, tapped out of a promising military career to become a death squad assassin for the CIA. Retirement was not in the cards for Robert, so he disappeared instead. After he comes out of the cold to answer the call to aid a fellow soldier facing a bum rap, he is thrust back into the spotlight when he kills a terrorist, thereby saving dozens of lives. He finds gainful employment in the slaughter of jihadists, which sparks an urban legend that Robert, a dangerous and unfeeling assassin, is a living paladin, whose mission is to rid the earth of evil for the betterment of mankind. Social media gives him the name: “Paladine” and God help whoever gets between him and his next target.



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